Lovely Testimonials from Loving Clients

Ally Katz was yet another client to jerk a tear with his lovely comments. In addition to the lovely testimonial he wrote especailly for you lot, I got his permission to post the email he sent me the following day too.

Email to Pops

I just wanted to say absolutely thanks for an amazing day yesterday. You are quite remarkable. A cauldron of creative energy and fun I think!

You have a real, real talent in what you do and that is coupled with energy and a high level of inter-personal skills to work with people in the way you do. The combination of those three things is probably pretty rare. To work with anyone you don’t know in such an intense way as you did with me yesterday takes great skill in itself. There is more in you to come I am sure!

Thanks to you again so much and to the delightfully patient Ms Mia. and to Stacey, who I didn’t meet, but I can only imagine is also truly delightful and a huge part of the supporting energy in the you I met yesterday.

Ally x

Testimonial for Website

“Pops and his service is very good and incredibly special. Style Me Quirky is not your normal dressing service! This is a completely immersive experience in which the innermost you is discovered, explored, developed, created, captured and polished with utmost care, skill and a great deal of fun. Especially for you, this bespoke service is like becoming your own artwork.

Pops’ creative and technical talent is coupled with his friendly enthusiastic character that helps even quiet and timid wall flowers like me gradually shed their inhibitions and unleash their inner vamp, darling or whatever else might be lurking deep down inside!

Pops put 110% into making my time special and began work weeks before we met, working with me to identify my preferred style and how I wanted my day to be. I was amazed at how that came together during my session at his studio, becoming more and more relaxed as my character emerged and rising to a raucous crescendo with the final photo shoot and costume changes. And it doesn’t stop there, the photos from the shoot are amazing!

Pops is a star. A magician. An alchemist even. A wonderful guy and a great deal of fun. Do it.

Ally Katz – Androgyny Makeover Client

Even though I’m a real girl, I’ve had a secret wish for years to do drag – why should the boys have all the fun? With huge trepidation I got in touch with Pops and it was one of the best moves I made in years!

As soon as I was booked in, Pops thoroughly engaged me in the fun process of generating ideas and styles for my bespoke outfits. By the day itself, I was a nervous wreck about the prospect of dressing up but at least I felt I was on my way to meet a friend! 

Pops is a genius.  The whole experience was amazing and by the time the make up had been completed and I stepped out in the first outfit, my inner me had finally dragged herself into the limelight.  Even the able assistance of Mia (the cat) during the proceedings helped to make the day that extra bit special.

Thank you Pops for giving me such a wonderful experience.  x

Hussy M’Glitter – Drag Makeover Client


I have known Poppy for literally years. I have been wanting her to make me over for almost as long. As you can see the “quirkover” was a significant departure from anything I have ever tried before. It was the most tremendous fun and the process was a real fulfilment of girlish ambitions. It was wonderful to throw concepts around, loosely construct some outfits and then finalise with the incredibly talented Stacey. Then the make up began and Pops worked and worked and finally it took on a life of its own and got vampier and brasher as time went past. She is a miracle worker. Being physically dressed from head to toe was an amazing thrill and the photographer was superb. I felt like a supermodel and could really get used to it! I would urge everyone who wants to be a canvas for Style Me Quirky’s prodigious skills and imagination to beat a path to their door. They will make you feel like a princess and not just another customer. xxx

Rachel Boom Boom – Crossdresser Makeover Client


I had a truly fab day working with Pops and Stacey, creating some looks that are very different to the normal version of me the world gets to see.  The photos are already getting great reactions from friends, and I look forward to another shoot with StyleMeQuirky again soon!

Les – Actor – Quirkover Client


If you are looking for a dressing service to show you the ropes there are a few ones all claiming they are the best. I don’t think any of them even come close to Style Me Quirky. I had never gone complete femme before, but knew it was something I really wanted to do as its part of who I am inside. Pops, put me at ease pointing out he started out as a ‘first-timer’ just like me. I knew then that he could relate to my situation as he had been through it all before.

I wondered how I was going to feel when I finally went all out femme, and the truth is I felt alive! It was like the bubbly spirit inside of me had finally been let out of her cage to play!

As someone who had never done this before, coming alive as a whole new character in front of a camera was a rather scary thing for me. But Pops reassured me that I was doing really well while all the time, building my confidence up.
By the time we were on the final outfit I was really buzzing, loving it and having an absolute ball! Overall I could really feel the passion and care Pops puts in to his work, to him its not a job its his art project, and that makes you feel very special.

So all in all, I booked my appointment, wanting a service that offered that little extra spark. Instead I got a hand crafted and personalised experience, produced with such love, care and passion. They made a shy girl, feel on top of the world, and whilst looking absolutely fabulous at the same time. I couldn’t rate this any higher, or recommend it any more if I tried. All I can really do is thank Pops and Stacey, from the bottom of my heart, for making me feel so incredibly magical!

Lizzy wrote us such a sweet, long and detailed review of the Style Me Quirky experience the above is just a short excerpt! We posted her full review along with more photos in a blog post you can read by clicking here.

Lizzy – Crossdresser Makeover Client


Style Me Quirky. What an amazing experience!

I have just had a wonderful days training course with an amazing instructor (Pops), so anyone out there needing a makeover (or a makeup lesson) don’t hesitate! My experience was fun, exciting informative and yes Quirky and I loved it.

As a Beauty Therapist I have spent the last few years working on my client’s makeups for weddings, balls and proms making them feel so special for their big day. I wanted a truly different and unique experience and this is where I found it! Pops’s, experience, enthusiasm and love of  life has rubbed off on me and I am raring to go and so will you be. Don’t be shy send him and email and get going.


Pops and the team at StyleMeQuirky create an environment where one is free to explore any part of themselves. Drag can easily be mistaken for an outward only experience.  But its the inner experience that I’ll take with me the rest of my life.

Candy Crush – Drag Makeover Client

Bernice – Beauty Therapist – Transgender Makeup Lesson Client


“Yes heaven is a place on earth and that’s Pops Studio! I have just had the Drag Queen Quirkover with Pops and Kelly and am still as exited as an 8 year old girl on her Birthday :)

The attention to detail was amazing with the make up and clothes and to say they created a good girl gone bad would be the understatement of the century. They turned a normal guy you would not look at twice in the street into an outrageous, loud & OTT Drag Queen. As the eyebrows were covered and the make up built up I felt myself changing into the alter ego created by the team. The “new me”was amazing and I really felt the part when we were ready for the photos.

The attention to details with the photo shoot was amazing and on a par with anything any top model would expect. There were constant changes to hair, clothing and lighting by Pops and Kelly. They gave me constant advise on poses and made me feel really relaxed. This meant we got some fantastic shots and I really felt the centre of the universe and they got the best out of me.

Of all the coolest fun things I’ve done in my life this is right in the top tier. I’ve had lots of dressing and photo shoots but this is the ultimate one and I would recommend you all put a Drag Queen Quirkover on your bucket list.

Now could someone help me off this cloud?

Julie xxxx

PS when can I come back?”

Julie – Drag Queen Makeover Client


“I’ve never written an online review or testimonial before because I’ve never felt that the service or product was deserving. However, I’m compelled to tell you about the fabulous day I had at Style Me Quirky! I have to start by saying this is not at all like other dressing services I have experienced. This is not ‘one size fits all’. Special care is taken to understand the clients style interests prior to the appointment, so that appropriate makeup and outfits can be prepared for the day. It’s Pops’ vast knowledge and experience, passion and attention to detail that sets Style Me Quirky apart from other lesser services.

When I turned up I was awkward and nervous, but Pops soon put this novice ‘girl’ at ease. Before I knew it I was posing and preening in front of the camera like the ‘goth-punk-manga’ model of my dreams – Lol! I am now awaiting the finished photographs like an impatient, excited child at Christmas! To all the boyz and girlz who are feeling apprehensive about booking an appointment with Style Me Quirky, I assure you it will be the best money you have ever spent. A professional studio shoot elsewhere would cost at least double the price – and I have serious doubts if another service could ever compete. But Style Me Quirky is so much more than that – the day after the appointment I was glowing. The experience has given this girl confidence and a real sense of possibility. I will DEFINITELY be attending again. Thanx again Pops, Luv Jenna xxx.”

Jenna – Crossdressing Dressing Service Client


Pops and the team were fantastic, we had a couple of girls who were quite shy and they made them feel right at ease during the styling and photo shoot.  All our outfits were perfectly matched to suit our shapes and sizes.  Not only did we have a fab day, all have awesome photos as a keepsake of the day.  Thank you to all of the team, you were all super lovely.

Candice Wayne – Hen Party Social Makeover Client


Jon & Ed – Thanks for doing a great job with the photo’s of our new showroom opening the last couple of days. Moving video on LED screens isn’t the easiest thing to shoot, so we were pleased that you spent the time planning the best methods capture the quality of the screens, and also that you took the photographs working around our clients in a professional and discreet manner.

Most importantly the end result images look great and are just what we need, we’re already getting some great feedback.

Thanks again!

Lynne Bannon

Lynne – Marketing Manager – Display LED Screens Ltd.


Hey Pops,

I just wanted to say an absolutely huge thank you to the amazing Style Me Quirky team for an utterly fantastic shoot on Sunday! I needed some pics to get my quirky yoga brand up and running – Pops and his team were absolutely instrumental during the briefing & planning process – they really helped me focus the concept and sharpen my brand. His styling genius ensured I had a vast selection of super cool outfits to bend and stretch in – and coupled with his make-up guidance, he totally ensured I looked the part! The creativity of the photographers on the day was absolutely inspiring – and I am totally thrilled with the photo results! Great work guys – you are an outstanding team!

Hugs n love

Liz Cirelli – Lizzy Says Relax Yoga

Liz, Business Quirkover, Styling, Makeover and Photography Client


Hello Pops,

Thank you so much for a true “Hollywood” experience @ SMQ!! All the preparation work paid off, all the dresses, shoes, wigs and the accessories were all laid out before my arrival. So, in no time, even though Pops was an assistant down, makeup was on and my first “Fading Film Star” was being put through her paces by Pops the photographer!

An all round fabulous day, fantastic outfits (even one of mine!) and stunning photographs, it was so intense, we lost track of time. If you want to try something a bit different, Pops and SMQ should be your next stop.

Thanks again, Sam x

Samantha, Quirky Dressing Service, Makeover and Photography Client


Hi Pops

I had a blast yesterday. You made me feel a million dollars and look about two million – I really appreciate the care you took in prepping the looks and then in making me up (those eyelashes were FAB) dressing me and putting me through the paces of the photoshoot. It was an experience where you and Ed made me feel truly welcome and relaxed and where you pushed me to experiment with some wonderfully extreme femme looks that I just LOVED! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Worth every penny. Maybe I will take up modelling as a career. Ha ha!

And I can’t wait to see the finished photos!

Tilly, Quirky Dressing Service, Makeover and Photography Client


What a great day! We were made so welcome and put at ease straightaway.  The make up, clothes and photos are amazing. Anything you want – from standard day to day dresses to
wild and wacky! Whatever you want – anything goes! If you’re wondering if it’s worth it – definitely! We will definitely be coming back!
Jackie and Debbie

Jackie and Debbie – Stye Me Quirky Open Day clients


We all got over to the SmQ studio on time and everything was already sorted! The Style Me Quirky team were working 24/7 the past few days for this to go as smoothly as possible; finding outfits that would work, hunting down a location – you could tell they had really put the effort in. All the hard work paid off as the day went perfectly! Pops is a lovely guy and knows how to bring the best out in everyone, he did just that too! Along with all the rest of the SmQ team, if your looking for photos that make your band stand out I couldn’t recommend Style Me Quirky more highly! Great price, really lovely team, loads of fun and totally professional!
Thanks guys!

Luke Evans – Eutopia Music – Band Styling and Photoshoot Quirkover


Hi Pops,
Just wanted to email and say… THANK YOUUUU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!
Yea, just wanted to get that out of my system first! Then make more sense. I don’t think i could ever thank you enough for showing me such a lovely side and giving me the experience of a lifetime! I feel like its given me a new breath of fresh enthusiasm and confidence about this side of me. I cant think of much else to say… I hope Lila got some good photos too! And SJ, when he kissed my hand it made me feel so unbelievably girly! Oh and thank you for all the make up tips and guidance and again just showing me such a lovely time! I will come back again some time hopefully soon! I’m kinda struggling to put what i really want to say into words but there you go! Again, Thank you so much! :)
Much Love,

Tanya, Quirky Makeover, crossdressing service and photography session

I think the nicest thing that happened to me yesterday (and for ages) at my SmQ Quirkover was getting to know the team, it really was a pleasure to meet you all, thank you sincerely for your warmth and hospitality.
Feedback-wise from the shoot, I would have to say that Pops undoubtedly met the promise of the result he predicted. For me it was a very special day and im still absorbing what i learnt and experienced from working with such a highly skilled team. Cathy was super fun to be styled by with lots of great tips from Carly, i really felt like one of the girls. The final photographs are very very good, but importantly there are some truly excellent examples, above what i expected possible from any studio or indeed myself.
10/10 Pops

SJ, Quirky Makeover, crossdressing service and photography session

Thanks for a brilliant time yesterday, I really enjoyed it and I learned an incredible amount. If anyone is reading this and wondering whether or not to make an appointment then I really think they should just go ahead and do it.
I have been dressing on and off for years and years but I have started to take it more seriously. I’ve had a few makeovers which are great but I really wanted to learn how to do it for myself. Pops is a brilliant teacher whose enthusiasm and sheer joy of teaching me how do do my makeup was wonderfully infectious.  Over the course of a couple of hours (and a bottle of red wine and lots of laughter) I learned loads of techniques and tricks. Pops showed me how do each stage of my makeup. Its the details that matter and Pops really understands what we TVs need to get right to look our absolute best. I’ve got a huge amount to practice but by the end of the lesson I was beginning to see that I will be able to get my look just how I want it to be and I can’t wait for the next lesson.
Kate x

Kate, Crossdressing Makeover Visiting Makeup Lesson Client

Hi PopsI would like to thank you for another wonderful day at Style Me Quirky, coming back for a second time was one of the best decisions I have ever made.I was more confident than the first time, helped in no small way by the Style Me Quirky team who, as always put me at ease, so I could relax and enjoy the experience more.
The outfits chosen for me were out of this world and were perfect in every way.

Pops, Kelly and Cathy Friday was an amazing day for me again and I cant thank you enough, and I cant wait to come back as soon as finances allow, (maybe we can use the boots next time…lol).

So to all the girls out there thinking of getting a makeover, all I can say is, if you want a very special day made even better give Pops a call. You wont regret it and you will go back for more.

Again to all at Style Me Quirky thank you for a wonderful time, big hugs to all of you.

Monique xxxxx

Monique, Quirky Makeover, crossdressing service and photography session

Hi Pops and Kelly
I just had to drop you a line to say how much I really enjoyed yesterday,:) happy if the 1st time I came to you measured 100% satisfaction, then yesterday it was 1000% !!!!
you made me look wonderful and I really really liked all the glitter, and Kelly, I just cant thank you enough for sourcing such a wonderful dress, it made me feel so special to be able to wear such a dress and with the make up and glitter I was absolutely blown away. I am just so sad that its all over, I’ll have to start saving again ‘cos I WILL BE BACK !
I love you two to bits and think the world of you. So thank you thank you thank you so so much for making my day so enjoyable
see you both soon
all My love and Hugs to you both

MAGIC MANDY !!!!!=)) rolling on the floor

Mandy, Transvestite Quirky Makeover Dressing Photography Service

(Quirkover) client


Hiya pops, just wanted to tell you that you made me cry tears of joy this weekend, I think you Kelly and Kathy were so so brilliant , caring and professional that I was stunned! I’m gonna write a blog about the time I’ve had so be prepared for lots of positive comments! Thank you so much again and please give Kathy a hug from me Xxxx

Debs, Transvestite Quirky Makeover Dressing Photography Service

(Quirkover) client


Firstly let me say I never imagined I would be the kind of person to visit a dressing service as I had assumed they were only for people who needed to dress in secret. After looking at the Style Me Quirky website and Pops excellent pictures I was sure they could help me work on some new styles I had been thinking about but wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge with in case the looks didn’t work for me.

On arrival the first thing I realised was that Kelly and Pops are two of the coolest people I had ever met, so friendly and welcoming that I felt at home in the first minute of my arrival.

Kelly showed me through the outfits she had picked out for me and I was really impressed with the quality and range available. I had a huge range of shoes and wigs to choose from so I could turn any of the dresses into many different looks and styles.

The makeover session was just amazing and their knowledge is obviously absolute. They walk you through the entire process and I now have countless new things to try with my own make-up. As soon as I got home I was ordering the items I needed to recreate the look, which I hope to achieve with a lot of practice.

Wigs was something I had no experience with and was really looking forward to trying. I assumed I would need to spend a lot of money to get a quality look but Pops showed me how to take care of a simple synthetic wig and I’m now starting my own collection.

The dresses available were of the highest quality I’d seen. The dresses I own myself aren’t bad but these were really something else. It was so great to be able to experiment and see what worked for me without having to spend a fortune on each dress.

It so happens I’m completely out and very confident with my cross dressing, confident enough to travel on the tube even! That said, after my make-up was done I didn’t get a good look at myself until I was fully prepared and when I stepped in front of the mirror my breath was literally taken away. Never in my dreams would I have imagined I could attain that appearance, it was a real testimony to the Style Me Quirky team skill and ability.

I’ve never been comfortable in front of the camera whether in boy or girl mode, I’ve always felt awkward when trying to do a false smile. This was my biggest worry before the shoot but there was absolutely no issues with this as it was practical impossible for me to stop smiling as I was having the time of my life.

Now I’m so confident about the image I wanted to try I’ll be kept busy for some time. Its just a matter of time before I get some new ideas in my head and then I’ll be straight back up to experiment with them. Thanks so much Pops and Kelly! xxx

Lila, Transvestite Quirky Makeover Dressing Photography Service

(Quirkover) client


Wow! What can I say? Enjoyment factor was off the scale, what a great and fantastic experience it was for my first Quirkover and certainly won’t be my last!

Its very hard for me to put into words how brilliant the day was, there just are not enough superlatives in the English language, but I will try my best.

I was a little nervous to start with upon the initial consultation, but Pops soon put me at ease and by the end of the conversation it was like we had known each other for ages.
Upon arrival at the studio both pops and Kelly were absolutely Fantastic, it was as if i had known them for years, and this certainly put me at ease, they are so lovely and very easy to talk to. I have to say that Both Pops and Kelly certainly know their stuff and it was very interesting to share in their styling knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, and the make up tips they shared with me.

I was lucky enough to have three different outfits to model on the day, and each one was something fab that I would not have thought of wearing myself. Throughout the whole of my time, I felt so special, plus I got some great creative ideas to try at home. I have been to other transvestite dressing services in the past and I can say that the Style Me Quirky team offers something truly unique and an unforgettable experience throughout.

I can honestly say that no-one is offering a service like this anywhere else
Pops shared some fantastic ideas that he has for the future and I cannot wait for these to come to fruition so that I can be apart of them.

A definite 5 Star experience in my view, and I would definitely recommend Style me Quirky to everyone. I cant wait to book my next appointment,
I’m Hooked !!!


Mandy xxx

Mandy, Transvestite Quirky Makeover Dressing Photography Service

(Quirkover) client


First of all i want to say what a great day I had at Style Me Quirky. From the moment I arrived I was put at ease and made to feel relaxed and one of the girls.

You soon sat me down and began the unenviable task of making me look fabulous but, guess what, somehow you did it!
I was given make up tips and picked up some styling ones, finding new colours that would sit in my everyday wardrobe and my new quirky one.

From beginning to end I felt unique, treated with first class care and attention and I found myself not wanting to go home.

From being slightly shy of the outcome, I soon found I wanted to try on more outfits and more daring styles. The experience was so different to my last makeover, which was some time ago, back then it felt rigid and really made aware I was on a time limit. At Style Me Quirky I felt as though I was on a fashion photo shoot and the outfits that I wore were chosen especially for me, if something wasn’t right, the team would fuss over me and were making sure I took the best picture possible and look my best. Attention to detail was everything and we shared some good laughs as well and it felt like time was no issue.

It was an experience I will never forget and can’t wait to go back. I hope to stay in touch and visit the house of Quirk as often as possible.

I would recommend any friend to pay a visit.
Thank you for quirking me over big style!


Faye x

Faye Transgender Makeover Dressing Photography Service

(Quirkover) client


Hi Pops, Cathy and Carly

I would like to thank you all for a wonderful day of pampering.

The results were absolutely amazing. The Make up tips were second to none, and having tried a few out, even without the pro make up yet, I have already seen a major improvement in my femme facial appearance.

This was my first photo shoot ever and I really do not cope well in front of a camera, no matter who I am at the time. I would just like to say thank you for your patience and good direction to get the shots we did.

I would like to say a special thanks to Sam for stepping in at the last minute as your regular photographer could not attend because of a family bereavement, and thank you for arranging this at such short notice as so many arrangements had already been made my end.

Again thank you for a wonderful day and I love some of Cathy’s ideas about alternative fashion. So girls if you want to look truly a girl and maybe with a little quirky twist I would highly recommend Style Me Quirky, never thought I could look so good in a bright purple wig………lol

Pops I wish you and your team all the best in your new adventure and I hope to be back real soon.

Love and wishes to you all

Monique xxxxx

Monique – Transvestite Makeover Dressing Photography Service

(Quirkover) client


Hiya Pops and Cathy,

Thanks again for the wonderful experience the other day!

Never could have dreamed you could make me look so amazing!
All I can say is, wow!
It was my first ever photoshoot,but it was great to do it, was a bit nervous in the beginning but that changed soon.

In your very skilled hands you really turned me into a girl!
Can really recommend it to anyone who has a girl inside them, and lets be honest,every girl needs some pampering once in a while!
But in the end you both gave me so much more then a makeover and a photoshoot,all the tips and trics you gave me made me even more curious to go on perfecting and exploring the girl in me!

Thanks again for the amazing time!


Esmee xxx
Esmee – Transvestite Makeover Dressing Photography Service

(Quirkover) client

Band Styling Makeover Photography Eutopia Music Style Me Quirky

We got in touch with Pops and Cathy to try and get some interesting style tips and some band photos that got away from the bland, looks that dominates our market. It is so important to stand out from the crowd in this business so when the opportunity arose we hoped we had found a worthy alternative. Having never had any professional styling, or many photoshoots at all for that matter, we were nervous.

All nervousness immediately shot out of the window when we met Cathy for a pre-shoot coffee and chat. She was passionate, fun, bubbly and well prepared and gave us a reassuring set of photos about her plans for some of the looks. Boys suitably reassured that they would be more military jackets and braces than ballgowns and glitter, we got excited. A few days before the shoot Alexander and I went to Pop’s for the pre-shoot fitting. It was relaxed, there was pizza and wine..and a beautiful ginger cat, and the outfits were fantastic. Pops took some snap shots and we got really excited about the shoot.

We loved the location for the shoot, the Motel de Nowhere seemed the perfect blend of quirky glam, urban cool and vintage charm and we met Tim the pro photographer. Stoic and to the point he was thoroughly professional throughout and the lighting and scene changes etc went without a hitch. Pops and Cathy were always buoyant and charming helping us in and out of outfits and offering priceless direction to those of us (ahem) who are clearly not models! All in all we couldn’t have asked for more.

StylemeQuirky are a brilliant for a mix of professionalism, creative insight, embarrassment aversion and a huge dose of fun. Eutopia would like to say a massive thank you to Pops, Cathy and Tim for all their hard work. A day which could have been nerve-wracking, awkward and uninspiring was made one to remember and recommend because of these crazy cats. We are thrilled with the photos and can safely say they stand out from the crowd! Hope to work with all the Stylemequirky team again soon!

Julia Nicklen – Eutopia Music – Band makeover styling photography

(Quirkover) client


Had a great time yesterday would have preferred to stay with you guys than do the gig! The gig went great though so prob for the best we did go! It’s so good to work alongside professionals like you and Cathy, thanks again for everything, we love the photos and love your work! Looking forward to seeing you very soon x

Alexanander Kotziamanis – Eutopia Music – Band makeover styling photography

(Quirkover) client

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