Style Me Quirky is founded by Pops and run by him and his merry team. We also work with a collaboration of professional stylists, photographers, makeup artists, helpers and friends. Aaaah. We are always on the lookout for new collaborators and team members, if you would like to be involved in a world of quirk, contact us.

Pops – Head of Quirk / Fairy Dragmother

Style Me Quirky is the brainchild of gender-bending reformed party animal, helpless dress-up fanatic, practicing weirdo and aspiring eccentric ‘Pops’. Professionally trained (by Terri Pace) as a Makeup Artist, by none other than our very own photography expert Alex Macro as a photographer and, well, he just picked up styling on his own. Some say he didn’t pick up styling at all :s

Pops runs the show and is very hands on in every aspect of the business. He’s passionate and cares deeply for the Style Me Quirky service and clients.

Interests: DJing, snooker, glitter, mountain biking, pouffy party dresses and shoes

Alex Macro – Sublime Photographer Extraordinaire

With decades of experience under his belt Alex Macro has done it all from the hot shot world of big brand international photography to winning photography awards and competitions to running his own very awesome and highly recommended photography tuition and holiday business Happy Camera. All of which pale into insignificance in comparison to working with Style Me Quirky! Tee hee.

Alex has been instrumental in working with and helping develop Style Me Quirky from the outset. Talented, creative, great to work with and now a very dear friend we love him very much!

Interests: Getting his classic Porsche fixed, travel, dwarf circus performers, Scooters, cashew nuts and breaking his classic Porsche

Stacey Blates AKA Big Dawg – Head of Pretty Clothes and Outfits

Stacey is the 5ft punk package of awesomeness that puts the ‘quirk’ in Style Me Quirky! Professional senior costumier for the worlds second largest costume house and a lifelong interest in fashion, dress up, counter-culture indulgence ooh, and a bit of rebellion – you name it, she’s got it! Stacey is the powerhouse behind the creativity, sourcing, picking and styling of your bespoke outfits ready for your dedicated session with Style Me Quirky. Stacey or ‘Big Dawg’ as she if often referred to (by Pops) loves dress-up herself and often does a draggy faux queen look – why should us crossdressing boys have all the fun!?

Interests: Vivienne Westwood, shiny things, cats, gin, Vivienne Westwood, cats and Vivienne Westwood

Bobette – Photographer

Bobette is a spirit unto himself and we like a bit of that in our altogether more quirky world we inhabit! The dress-wearing, motorbike-riding, fetish-club-photo-snapping lovely has joined forces with Style Me Quirky to inject some of his enthusiasm, creativity, skills and talent as one of our key photographers.

Interests: Motorbikes, high heel shoes, architecture, erotic mud wrestling, photography

Poppy Cox – Head of Mischief, Sisterly Encouragement and of Much Leading Astray

Poppy Cox is Pops, er, ‘sister’! Poppy Cox is really Pops drag alter ego. She gets away with that bit more than Pops does – amazing what a bit of slap, a wig and a badd-ass attitude can do right girls 😉

Mia aka ‘Pooh Puff’, ‘Mini-Pooh’, ‘Chunk’, ‘Satan’, TEC, ‘Noy Noys’ . . .

Mia is our darling podgy, noisy little fur-ball of love. She is a Burmese rescue cat and frankly we thinks she’s not quite all there which makes her a perfect fit for our team. Burmese cats are renowned for being noisy and affectionate and Mia takes her genetic identity seriously by trying to be the most noisy and most affectionate cat in town! Quite the affection slut she wraps herself round everyone who walks in (if she isn’t sleeping or eating). She is often on your lap during your makeover which is usually most welcome until she farts. Such a lady.

Interests: Eating, sleeping, purring, eating, screaming, cuddling, farting, eating, snoring and eating

Kelly – Wardrobe Mistress – Stylist – Makeup Artist – Pinup Couture Lover

Our Wardrobe Mistress Kelly Anne-Costley was destined for a world of fashion after starting to sketch, design and customise clothing at 6 years old. Kelly studied fashion design and technology and worked at 16 as a sample cutter in a design studio learning the skills techniques and getting hands on experience in the fashion industry.

After many years of dressing and styling friends Kelly found herself working as a wardrobe assistant on various films. As her reputation developed, Kelly was asked to be the “support artists” wardrobe mistress on films ‘Shoreditch’ and ‘Charlie’.  Additional experience working in theatre over the panto seasons dressing everything from pantomime dames to dwarves culminated in Kelly opening her own dress hire company styling and dressing opera singers, prom girls,  and socialites attending charity events or film premiers.

Kelly was integral to the styling and development of Pops throughout his POPCOX project. Seduced by the creativity transvestite and crossdressing makeover and styling, in addition to girls and boys, Kelly enjoys transvestite styling with great passion!

Interests: Jive dancing, clubbing at POPCOX gigs, Pinot Grigio, carrots and butterfly kisses

Cathy – Head of Enthusiasm – Stylist – Makeup Artist – Occasional Anarchist

Cathy Style Me Quirky Stylist Head of Enthusiasm

Cathy Prior has more than a decade of experience as a visual merchandiser, personal shopper and stylist at well know high street retailers in flagship stores in Belfast and London’s world-renowned Oxford Street.

As the title would suggest, Cathy has boundless energy and enthusiasm for, well pretty much everything frankly but especially for fashion, dress up and styling.

Cathy was critical helping Pops develop the fledgling Style Me Quirky in its exciting, enjoyable but exhausting early days and without her involvement friendship, skill and enthusiasm I have no doubt Style Me Quirky wouldn’t be here today. Thanks goodness to our mutual friend Rosi for introducing us! Cathy left the UK to head back to Ireland and is no longer involved with Style Me Quirky until we open our Irish division that is!

Interests: 1920’s fashion, writing, 80’s music, teepees and being excited

Last updated: February 9th 2016

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