StylemeQuirky Eutopia Shoot behind the scenes 15thOct2011

StylemeQuirky hooked up with the fabulous Eutopia electro rock band for a quirkover and photo shoot.

Styling courtesy of Cathy Prior with clothes by Puckoo Couture and One Eyed Designs as well as a few contributions from Cathy and Pops’ personal and somewhat extensive dress up wardrobes.

Thanks to Lucy for putting us in touch with Sue of Motel De Nowhere for providing the wonderful indoor/ outdoor shoot venue and to Tim Vasvi photography, music courtesy of Sue’s band Three Beards.

A fun sped up behind the scenes video, our favourite bit is roughly 3/4 of the way through when Cathy speaks to camera with her usual enthusiasm but, with the benefit of being sped up, looks wonderfully insane!


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