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Rocio luxury designer handbags photo shoot behind the scenes video

Quirky Fashion Photography Styling and Makeup

Style Me Quirky offer professional makeup artistry, styling and photography for the fashion industry from small independent labels and start up fashion designers right through to luxury fashion brands. Proud of our ability to think outside the box and conjure up quirky, alternative and engaging concepts, our approach is appealing to both large and small clients who are looking for head-turning quirky fashion photography styling and makeup.

Rocio Luxury Designer Fashion Handbags Photoshoot

Rocio was launched with an artistic direction “to create a luxury collection of handbags that would return fashion to the arts.” Rocio handbags are truly unique; hand carved from sustainable Indonesian wood, they feature high shine brightly coloured lacquered and iridescent shell finishes, the use of lizard and crocodile skin. The epitome of luxury, Rocio handbags are priced from around £250 to over £6,000.

Since Rocio’s debut the label has been taken to the heart “au coeur” by fashionistas around the world. It is now sold in over 30 countries by some of the world’s most prestigious stores, including L’Eclaireur in Paris, Penelope in Italy, Isetan & Mitsukoshi in Tokyo and Etoile in Dubai.


Style Me Quirky Rocio Handbags Photoshoot

Amethyst London, the UK importers of Rocio handbags, approached Style Me Quirky in 2011 to deliver a concept  photoshoot for the Rocio to show different ways the handbags could be resented and marketed in particular to a younger target market.

On a limited brief and budget, the Style Me Quirky team achieved a wide range of quirky fashion styling photography and makeup looks managing to shoot 12 different outfits and 14 different handbags in a single day in the studio. Amethyst were thrilled with the photographs which helped Rocio hone their brand and marketing strategy in the UK market.

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