Gender Rebel

Gender Rebels

Gender Rebels encompasses all you fabulous transvestites, glam rockers, and cross dressing clients of every kind, we love you all! Our founder Pops started the StylemeQuirky project borne out of the popularity of his gender bending DJ act POPCOX launched back in 2008 and a desire to bring quirky and alternative fashions to transgender people, boy, girls and anyone brave enough to want to be different.

While StylemeQuirky is about quirky style whatever your gender, you our beloved Gender Rebels are the inspiration to the project, we warmly welcome you to our Quirkover services.


For transgender people we aren’t your typical dressing service. Founded and run by a trans person we really can say with true-life experience we understand how you feel and have first hand experience of the challenges of cross dressing in all its forms. For anyone wanting to throw away the rulebook when it comes to gender, come on in and join the party!

With over 200 uber feminine evening wear dresses courtesy of our partners Madesieur, through to wild androgynous looks we’ve got it covered.



Pops’ partner at SmQ is our enthusiastic, friendly and understanding female and Head of Enthusiasm Cathy Prior! Cathy has over a decade experience in visual merchandising, styling and personal shopping for well known retailers in flagship stores in Belfast and on London’s world-renowned Oxford Street. With plenty of experience under her belt of confident and very sheepish transvestites asking her for help in store, she is passionate about making you feel comfortable and help you choose clothes to fit and of course make you feel fabulous.

For your very own cross dressing, transvestite, glam rock, drag or transgender makeup, dressing and style-over, get in touch with us direct via

StylemeQuirky is still a new project and we are building our portfolio of Gender Rebel photoshoots, in the meantime, visit Pops’ POPCOX flickr gallery to see some of his self-experimentation over the years! And of course you can visit our SmQ flickr gallery for a variety of quirky styling.

To build a portfolio of happy customers we are running cost price quirkovers to our transgender and gender rebel clients to get the ball rolling. If you would like to meet Pops and Cathy in person and have your own unique Quirkover, the quirky styling and photoshoot of a lifetime, we welcome the opportunity to preen and pamper you and make you look and feel a million dollars. Get in touch with us to book;