Lizzy Crossdresser Makeover Testimonial Review

Style Me Quirky was set up primarily to offer something entirely personal to every client and a service significantly different and unique from anything else out there. It’s not a big money making business and we put a huge amount of work, effort and love into our clients and our sessions.

It really makes it all worthwhile when you get lovely testimonials from your clients but what we do often seems to go deeper and really touch our clients lives. So when we received this very special testimonial/ review form a 21-year old crossdresser client after a wonderful day with us, it brings a tear to our eyes, a lump to the throat and really does make all the hard work worthwhile.

Thank you Lizzy for such kind words and taking the time to put your thanks down in words for us.

Lizzy Review of 7-hour Makeover Session on February 2016

Crossdresser Dressing Service Makeover

If you are a crossdresser, trans girl, or anything in between you may be looking for a dressing service to show you the ropes. There are a few different dressing services out there all claiming they offer the best package. I don’t think any of them even come close to Style Me Quirky.

Before I went for my makeover, I was a complete beginner. I had never gone complete femme before, but knew it was something I really wanted to do as it is part of who I am inside. And so I emailed Style Me Quirky. I was new, I was nervous, and this was a huge step for me but Pops, the fabulous founder and owner of Style Me Quirky, instantly put me at ease.  He answered all my questions and reassured me that he was once in the exact same position as I was. He started out as a ‘first-timer’ just like me, unsure of just where to take things or how to do it. I knew then that he could relate to my situation as he had been through it all before. So I took the plunge and booked a 7-hour session.

Once I was booked in the fun really started as I was sent a Pinterest board, which myself, Pops, and the lovely Stacey (Pop’s girlfriend and the wonderfully talented stylist for Style Me Quirky) were able to pin ideas and inspirational looks to. Straight away I could see the level of planning and detail that went into each individual client. Not only do they offer that unique quirky style that brings that extra spark and magic to the outfits but they also tailor each and every session to fit your exact style. They thrive on creativity, so no style is too wild for them, the more elaborate, the better! Hence the name Style Me Quirky, I mean who would visit a service called ‘Style Me Normal’! Who wants to feel ordinary when you can feel fabulous!?

While we were creating my board of clothing and makeup inspiration, I filled out and returned the measurements form they sent me so they could prepare outfits to fit me. I was very impressed they weren’t just throwing a few things together on the day. They made sure everything was ready in advance to ensure you have the most fantastic personalised experience possible.

Pops and Stacey, run Style Me Quirky from a large open-plan studio flat in London, its comfortable, relaxed and informal but personal and inviting which perfectly suits the whole image of the business, I didn’t feel overwelmed at all, just very welcome.

It felt amazing walking in, surrounded by all the wigs that were styled and ready for my session, along with my own personal clothing rack, prepared just for me. Pops introduced me to Stacey, and referred to me automatically by my femme name, which was a simple but nice little touch as it made it more personal, just another example of how much they care about their clients, and making them feel good about themselves. From then I was referred to as Lizzy and it felt so wonderful and natural. We had a cup of tea while Stacey talked me through the outfits she had picked out and prepared for me.

Without further ado, we got started with my makeup. Pops explained the process as we went along and gave me tips and advice whilst we laughed and gossiped away. Pops created quite a soft girly look, to go with the styles and colours of the outfits. I loved it and felt my makeup was subtle but detailed so it matched my chosen outfit styles.

Next we took a short break for lunch, and all sat down for sandwiches, it was nice and relaxed and created the perfect environment ready for the main event!

In total there were 3 outfits that I tried on. All of which, were very carefully styled by Stacey and Pops, and all uniquely different from one another. Each outfit was matched with a choice of wig, and accessories just to add that extra bit of flair! I wondered how I was going to feel when I finally went all out femme, and the truth is I felt alive! It was like the bubbly spirit inside of me had finally been let out of her cage to play!

As someone who had never done this before, coming alive as a whole new character in front of a camera was a rather scary thing for me. But Pops constantly reassured me that I was doing really well and it made the whole experience enjoyable and so much easier while all the time building my confidence up.

With each outfit we tried out loads of different angles and poses, with Pops directing and helping me so we never ran out of ideas. By the time we were on the final outfit I was really buzzing, loving it and having an absolute ball! Overal I could really feel the passion and care Pops puts in to his work, to him its not a job its his art project, and that makes you feel pretty special.

After we had finished shooting, and Pops had helped me de-femme, we had a drink and talked while I waited for my taxi, I felt like a guest and didn’t feel rushed to leave, the whole time Pops and Stacey had made me feel extremely welcome.

We ended talking about future shoots, and events, and said goodbye with a hug. Pops parting words to me saying how he was just like me when he started, very shy and sheltered and that it takes time to gain the confidence but reassuring me that I was well on my way to being the confident and bubbly girl that I wanted to be.

So all in all, I booked my appointment, wanting a service that offered that little extra spark. But what I got was that and a whole lot more. I got a hand crafted and personalised experience, produced with such love, care and passion. They made a shy girl, feel on top of the world, and whilst looking absolutely fabulous at the same time. I couldn’t rate this any higher, or recommend it any more if I tried. All I can really do is thank Pops and Stacey, from the bottom of my heart, for making me feel so incredibly magical!


And she wrote all that before she had even seen her photos! This is what she emailed after she got her images.

I’m absolutely speechless. Still can’t believe that is me! I’m buzzing so much right now! Thank you such much Pops, they’re incredible; you’re incredible!

It’s a pleasure Lizzy!


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