Introducing StylemeQuirky!

Hello World!

A very warm welcome to the wonderful world of quirk that is StylemeQuirky. Brainchild of a gender-bending DJ, and a styling professional with a decade of experience, SmQ is a quirky makeover, styling, personal shopping and photography service to make the world a quirkier place.

We are building a shop, a blog, and a community of designers, stylists, photographers and other creative types to work with and we invite you Jo Public to step into our world and let us pamper you and quirk you up!

Your hosts and sources of in-flight entertainment are Pops, ‘Head of Quirk’ and Cathy ‘Head of Enthusiasm’. Together our mission is to bring together a world of quirky style, dress you in it, photograph you in it, help you buy it, make your own wardrobe quirkier and if you’re up for it, post it online, talk about it and celebrate how fekking gorgeous you look! Gok Wan eat your heart out, here comes SmQ!

StylemeQuirky is a styling, shopping, photography service and online boutique  showcasing designers, stylists, photographers, creatives, retailers, makeup and photography with a quirky perspective. It may all end in tears or, more likely us loosing focus and getting distracted by something sparkly and shiny but, we hope not, you never know, this time next year we might be bigger Than Lady GaGa! Or, with luck at least still playing dress up and connecting with like-minded enthusiasts, extroverts, renegades and quirky types all over London, Europe, the World whoooha ha ha haaaaa!!! Ahem.

Thats it for now, that’s us and that’s our hello, we hope you enjoy dipping your toes, tentatively descending the steps or even dive-bombing into our world of quirkiness! Talk amongst yourselves while we get busy quirking the population up a handful at a time, we’ll be back after the interval!

If you want updates on our makeovers, photo shoots and galleries and general antics, you can subscribe to our newsletter or news feed in the top right of each page of this site.

If you are keen to book a Quirkover, Wardrobe Doctor, Personal Shopping appointment or Photo shoot, you can email us or call us on +44 7508 972648
Keep it Quirky,

Pops & Cathy xxx


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