The Goth Princess – Lizzie Rose SmQ Makeover Review

The Goth Princess

Having had such an incredible first experience with Style Me Quirky, I decided to book another makeover and photo shoot as, after all, the possibilities are pretty limitless! After my first session with them, I decided that my favourite look from the first shoot was definitely the more gothic Lolita look. And so this time, I chose to go further down the gothic road! As soon as I arrived, I felt the buzz of excitement, walking through the front door again. 


Before we started on the makeup, Pops had planned out some exercises in posture, deportment and walking in heels more naturally. This really helped me to loosen up, and properly become Lizzy, not just in the clothing, but in my movement as well. 

Pops and I looked through my Pinterest board again and picked a makeup look to go with. Pops loves to create new makeup looks on the fly but he also loves being inspired by and putting his own spin on looks I’d picked from the internet. We went for quite a bold look, with strong colours and Pops managed to re create the image from my Pinterest board, almost identically but while making the look my own. Even though the specific look was new territory for him, I could tell he relished the challenge and the results were simply phenomenal! I couldn’t believe how incredible the makeup looked, it was a pure work of art! 

After a quick break for lunch, we headed over to my personalised clothing rail where Stacey and Pops, had prepared their personal spin on gothic inspired outfits for me. I had a really hard time trying to prioritise which ones to wear, and in what order; as I loved all of them. There was too much to choose from so  have some saved for my future shoots.

Pops put my nails on for me and I picked out a few new wigs to go with the outfits, which is always one of my favourite parts of the makeover because their bright flamboyant colours really help put the ‘style’ in Style Me Quirky. To me as well, this is one of the most interesting parts about Style Me Quirky. Pops says that if you are looking to ‘pass’ then this may not be the best place for you but I completely disagree. Coloured hair is now something that is becoming a lot more natural for every day life, so if you’re willing to embrace it, you can look every bit as natural as girls with “normal” coloured hair. You can look every bit as pretty, and feel every bit as attractive; and all whilst rocking a really awesome style. 


Unlike last time, we shot on a black background, for a more gothic and dramatic look and feel to the photos. We took a lot more photos with each outfit, compared to the first shoot, but made sure we got them exactly how we wanted them. Why take hundreds of half decent shots, when you can take less brilliant ones instead? The results, once again were unbelievable. I just couldn’t believe how good I looked! And I felt simply fabulous! 

After de-femming, Pops and I went through some of the photos, talked about future shoots a little, and then once again said goodbye with a hug.

Within just a few days, I had all my final edited photos back, and I was completely speechless. Still amazed that it’s me in the photos! As well, having shared the photos this time with friends and family, everyone was blown away with the results!

It’s always a worry when you have such an amazing first experience, that you won’t feel as good the second time round. But it was every bit as incredible as the first shoot. And thoroughly believe this is all down to the setup of Style Me Quirky, meaning that no two shoots are ever going to be the same. So it never loses its magic! 

Thank you once again Pops and Stacey, and here’s to many more sessions, in the future :) xoxo

Lizzy Rose