Style Me Quirky Event Photography Gallery for QX Magazine – From Russia With Lust – Spinsters’ Valentine’s Ball!

Dearest, vainest, beloved, camp, Russian, spinster Valentines!

If you find yourself on this page in the next few days following the From Russia With Lust – Spinsters’ Valentine’s Ball at Bethnal Green Working Mens Club on Valentines Day 2012 you may well be here to; a) see yourself looking gaaawgeous in a photo, b) to scream “DELETE DELETE DELETE! OHMIGOD YOUR SUCH A BAD PHOTOGRAPHER I NORMALLY LOOK AMAAZTING”!!! or c) you are on the hunt for laugh out loud moments of yourself or nearest and dearest and perhaps even some blackmail material of friends featured in those unavoidable ‘I know I look wasted but I promise you I was just mid-blink’! photos that result from the recipe of alcohol and a camera in the same place at the same time.

Rest assured, I will post an event gallery on the all new as soon as I get chance to upload them, from there you can admire yourself, laugh or worst case scenario, email or phone me requesting immediate deletion of certain photos! If you want to be the first to know when the gallery is up, you can add yourself to the mailing list by entering your email addy in the box in top right hand corner of each page of this site and/ or email me direct on

A shortlist select few of you will I hear be featured in QX Magazine too!

A big congrats, thanks and well done to Martin for hosting a fabulous party, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did and look forward to many more riotous god fun nights to come!

For those lovely new people I had the pleasure of meeting tonight, you can get in touch and connect with me at my Poppy Cox Facebook Page and/ or have a nose around my new project here that’s all about quirky styling, makeovers and photography, whether you would like some classic black and white studio photos of you and your better half or an outrageous once in a lifetime drag queen makeover and photo shoot complete with pro makeup, styling outfits and photos, Style Me Quirky is the Lady Gaga of photography!

Till then lovers, Keep it Quirky!

Pops xxx





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