Transgender / Transvestite Dressing Service

Transgender Dressing Service ‘Glamour’ with Style Me Quirky. With 200 designer evening wear dresses in our collection, glam is a specialty, for more photos, click this gallery link for our Transgender Dressing Service clients and photography.

Transgender / Transvestite Dressing Service by Style Me Quirky

A transgender dressing service offers transvestites, transsexuals, transgender, t-girls and anyone with a gender subversive nature a  service for you to turn into the gender of your choice. StylemeQuirky offers a confidential, friendly understanding, fun and encouraging transgender dressing service with a quirky edge. Feel free to have a look at our growing Gender Rebel galleries for examples of our work and to get inspiration for your appointment!

Trans Founded and Run by POPCOX

StylemeQuirky is founded by Pops, also known as ‘Poppy Cox’ and gender bending DJ act ‘POPCOX‘. As a trans person, Pops has a lifetime of dress up experience and, since 2008 has been deconstructing gender in his striking DJ looks from full enfemme and drag styles to quirky striking androgynous looks. Recently Pops was described professionally by a psychologist friend as a ‘Gender Subversive’ i.e. someone who challenges their own and other people’s ideas about gender which felt it fitted rather nicely! Pops was inspired to start Style Me Quirky to celebrate gender in all its forms with a transgender dressing service especially for our trans clients and anyone wanting to experiment with and blur the gender rules.


Transgender Dressing Service Makeover and Photography with Style Me Quirky

  • 5 hour experience £265
  • 6 hour experience £305
  • 7 hour experience £340
  • 8 hour experience £370

Longer appointments allow more makeup, wig, outfit and style changes and combinations, and longer photo shoots with more timeless photos for you to choose from. All Style Me Quirky transgender dressing service appointments include;

  • Pre-appointment consultation with online mood board so we can discuss styling, makeup and photography looks
  • Simple sizing chart for you to complete so we pick, source and prepare outfits especially to fit you
  • Professional makeover
  • A rail of professionally styled bespoke outfits prepared and ready for you
  • Access to our full wardrobe, wigs and accessories
  • Professional photo shoot
  • Private, (password protected if desired) online gallery with all your photographs (200+) to choose from
  • Photo file handling and post production service
  • Privacy and discretion assured

Saturday and Sunday appointments plus £50

Why Style Me Quirky?

Quirky styling, direction and photography

We’re big on creativity and direction. Want to pass? We’re probably not for you to be honest, we are the Lady Gaga of transgender dressing services. Our philosophy is that we want all out clients to feel fabulous not normal. Even for those trans clients who usually strive to pass, we welcome you to take a walk on the wild side! You might also be surprised just how feminine an illusion you can create rocking a quirky ‘out-there’ style and a bright purple wig!

Transgender owned and run

Heartfelt empathy, advice guidance and support from your host who was inspired to set these very services up for you!

Bespoke personal service

Everyone is unique. We don’t go for the same old makeup look with every client, our burning passion for quirk means we like to create something different with every client where possible and experiment and dream up new and exciting ideas with our clients.

A ‘wow’ experience, not just another makeup service

Its a personal and professional goal to elicit the ‘wow’ moment from each of our clients. We focus on you having a unique and truly special life experience with us, the ‘wow’ moment is the bit when we go all gooey inside and really feel we have made a difference to our clients lives.

Focus on photography and creativity

We love quirky, alternative, creative. As long as its feasible, we like to build sets, do location shoots, use photography techniques and post production, the only limit is your imagination!

‘Transgender’? -pah! We call ourselves ‘Gender Rebels’

‘Trans’ this, ‘trans’ that, whatever! We don’t subscribe to sad labels made by boring psychologists who base their theories on horses and your mum while high on Opium! Transvestite demigod Eddie Izzard famously coined the phrase ‘Action Tranny’, and Style Me Quirky like Eddie, like to do things a little differently. Step into our wardrobe a ‘trans-whatever’ and blossom into a wholly more fabulous ‘Gender Rebel’! Now you have arrived at out site, if you want to come back to this page you will have to bookmark or jolly well remember it because when you leave and venture into the rest of the site, there is no turning back! You are a Gender Rebel from thenceforth and will have to mix and mingle with all the other wonderful extraverts we attract be they musicians, fashionistas, gays straights and girls who love a little theatre and dress up!

Transgender Dressing Service, Makeovers and Photography - Pops 'Pink Poochie' by Style Me Quirky

Last Updated: January 27th 2016