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Dressing Service

Transvestite Makeover Style Me Quirky

Dressing Service client snap shot of Transvestite super star Esmee with Style Me Quirky team members Cathy and Pops

A facility for transvestites, transgender and cross dressing clients looking for something unique and quirkier than the alternatives they may have heard of or visited before.

Transvestite, Transgender and Cross Dresser Service

The Style Me Quirky dressing service offers transvestites, transsexuals, transgender, t-girls and anyone with a gender fluid or experimental nature the opportunity to turn into the gender of your choice. Style Me Quirky offers a confidential, friendly understanding, fun and encouraging total makeover facility with a quirky edge. Feel free to have a look at our growing Gender Rebel galleries for examples of our work and to get inspiration for your appointment!

Trans Founded and Run by Cross Dresser POPCOX


Style Me Quirky is founded by Pops, also known as ‘Poppy Cox’ and gender bending DJ act ‘POPCOX‘. As a person with well documented transvestite tendancies, Pops has a lifetime of dress up experience and, since 2008 has been deconstructing gender in his striking DJ looks from full enfemme and drag styles to quirky striking androgynous looks. Recently Pops was described professionally by a psychologist friend as a ‘Gender Subversive’ i.e. someone who challenges their own and other people’s ideas about gender – sounds like a good fit! Pops was inspired to start the Style Me Quirky dressing service to celebrate transvestite, transgender, cross dressing, t-girl, drag, gender bending; gender in all its forms with a ‘dress me up’ facility especially for our trans clients and anyone wanting to experiment with and blur the gender rules.

Style Me Quirky Crossdressing Service Sam


Weekend appointments (Saturday/ Sunday +£40).

All photos posted into a private password protected gallery for clients to choose additional photographs from for an agreed fee (price depends on the number of photos you want).

Longer dressing service appointments available on request and allow more makeup, wig, outfit and style changes and combinations, and longer photo shoots. All appointments feature the following as a minimum;

Esmee-Cross-Dressing-Service-Style-Me-Quirky*Each dressing service appointment is bespoke and before you arrive we dedicate time to preparing and planning your  visit, sourcing and picking outfits for you as well as planning your makeup look

** Other services offer ‘unlimited use of wardrobe’. We don’t work in this way, instead we work with you in consultation and source outfits especially to suite your tastes, your shape and size. In our wardrobe are 200 designer dresses, carefully stored off site, that we will select especially for you. We are unique in that we have a decade of experience in visual merchandising, styling and personal shopping.

*** We believe our clients deserve only the best professional photographs. Instead of offering polaroid or snapshot photographs, with all our makeover appointments, we use a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera and trained photographer to make sure that you get professional photographs of your experience.

**** All our photos have post production work done as part of the overall fee. We offer additional post production work at additional cost. If you want a photo of you en-femme standing in an opulent ballroom, a theatre, in Times Square!? Anything is possible with our post production services, from funky arty filters to advanced photo editing.

***** We completely respect our clients privacy and discretion. We will never disclose personal information, photographs or anything else unless you expressly agree you are happy for us to do so.



£115 per person (minimum 4 clients). 6 clients £100 per person.

‘Social’ Makeover and Photography Sessions with Style Me Quirky

The ultimate transgender dressing service, makeover and social event rolled into one, the idea of a ‘social makeover’ is to combine socialising with friends and meeting new friends while enjoying the experience of a full makeover experience. Social makeovers are not only more fun but better value for money and a great way to test the water if you haven’t experienced a transgender dressing service before. We have a large extended expert team here at Style Me Quirky and a large studio space. With more of you visiting at once we have several members of staff pampering and looking after you for the day. The result is a great social fun atmosphere and a more efficient use of time as one pair or group can be changing outfits while another is having their photos taken for example.

Social makeover appointments are for a minimum of 4 clients for 5 hours. We can also do 6 clients at a time at an even lower rate which lasts a whole 7 hours. Where a 5 hour appointment is £230 for a 1-to-1 session, a social  makeover for 4 people is £115 each. The key differences and benefits of a social makeover are;

You can book a social makeover dressing service ticket and look forward to meeting new transvestite, transgender, cross dresser, drag queen and t-girl people at the dressing service appointment, or, you can book with a friend or friends or book the whole social with a group of your own buddies for a real girls day out!

One Shot Faye Cross Dressing Service Style Me Quirky

Why Style Me Quirky?

The ‘Social’ Makeover Experience

We offer multiple client bookings or ‘Social Makeover’ sessions for 4 or 6 clients and run ‘Mega Makeover’ dressing service bookings for 8, 10 or even 12 or more clients at once! Enjoy your experience with a group of friends or meet new transgender people. Benefit from seeing the transformation process happen in real time with one of your course mates and have a fabulous time at an incredible value for money rate!

Quirky styling, dressing, makeover and photography

We’re big on creativity and direction. Want to pass? We’re probably not for you to be honest, we are the Lady Gaga of makeover teams! Our philosophy is that we want all out clients to feel fabulous not normal. Even for those trans clients who usually strive to pass, we welcome you to take a walk on the wild side! You might also be surprised just how feminine an illusion you can create rocking a quirky ‘out-there’ style and a bright purple wig!


Owned and run by Cross Dressing DJ POPCOX

Heartfelt empathy, advice guidance and support from your host who was inspired to set these very services up for you!

Bespoke personal styling

Everyone is unique. We don’t go for the same old makeup look with every client, our burning passion for quirk means we like to create something different with every client where possible and experiment and dream up new and exciting ideas with our clients for each and every appointment.

A ‘wow’ experience, not just another makeover business

Its a personal and professional goal to elicit the ‘wow’ moment from each of our clients during every session. We focus on you having a unique and truly special life experience with us, the ‘wow’ moment is the bit when we go all gooey inside and really feel we have made a difference to our clients’ lives.

Focus on photography and creativity

We love quirky, alternative, creative. As long as its feasible, we like to build sets, do location shoots, try different and new photography techniques and post production in our dressing service, the only limit is your imagination!

Lila Cross Dressing Service Sissy Dress Makeover Style Me Quirky



Drag Queen Makeover by Style Me Quirky

Drag Makeover Style Me Quirky Veronica 4

Have you ever fancied being a fierce, larger than life drag queen? Take a walk on the wild side and find out more or book your Style Me Quirky drag queen makeover.