Style Me Quirky

Style Me Quirky is a quirky makeover, dressing service and photography studio. We make dreams reality providing professional cross dressing, transgender and drag, drag for girls, fantasy, image and styling makeovers for individuals, couples, small and large groups of private individuals as well as business and corporate clients.

Whether your a cross dresser who needs a helping hand, a hen party wanting to dress up in beautiful vintage designer gowns or a musician, DJ or performer looking for a style makeover and professional promotional photos, the Team at Style Me Quirky have the skills, expertise, imagination and creativity to surpass your wildest expectations.

We also work with fashion projects whether we are needed for an off the wall test shoot to generate ideas or a clear brief to work to for a supplier, publication or agent. Small businesses work with us to help develop their brand image and photography and large corporate businesses entrust us to deliver entertaining team building and office party events through to event photography.

Find a you you never knew!

Last Updated: January 22nd 2016